Types of Funeral Plan


Types of Funeral Plan

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Companies typically offer 3 levels of service when it comes to funeral plans; for simplicity, we have named these the Standard, Mid-range and Premium plans as all providers have their own individual names.
These plans guarantee to cover the cost of the funeral director’s services and pay either an allowance for third party expenses, which includes cremation or burial costs* and doctor’s and minister’s fees or fully guarantee them at today’s prices so your family will have nothing more to pay,
The differences between the three pre-payment funeral plans is generally to do with the quality of the coffin and whether limousines for the family are included.
For example a simple plan will include a basic coffin and no limousines; a standard plan will include a mid-range coffin and one limousine and a superior plan will include a high quality coffin and two limousines.

Some funeral plan providers do offer a basic plan usually for around £2,100 but these do not include an allowance for third party costs.
When you call we can advise you on the specific details of each plan or you can request a brochure for more information.
*Burial costs are not guaranteed, as you will need to pay for the cost of the burial plot separately, although an allowance will be made for other burial expenses

Payment options

–Single payment in full
Payable by credit/debit card or cheque, the price depends on the provider and the level of service you require; typically ranging from £3,125 to over £4,200.
All providers have a free cancelation period where you can cancel the plan if you change your mind and receive a full refund. This varies by company but is usually between 14 and 30 days.

–Pay within 12 months
Most plan providers give you the option to pay over 12 monthly instalments without incurring any additional fees.
Some also allow you to pay a deposit, then clear the balance with one single payment, as long as it is within the 12 months; helpful if you are waiting for access to funds.

–Monthly Instalments
Spreading your costs can make purchasing a plan more affordable – choose from a number of options ranging from 2 to 30 years.
You will incur additional fees in instalments for longer period than 12 months but these will be made clear to you at the outset.

–Fixed Monthly Payment Plan option
Monthly premiums are based on age and level of service and are payable for life or until your 90th birthday. You are covered for your services after 2 years.

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