Pre-Paid Funeral Plans to cover Funeral Costs in Heckmondwike

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans to cover Funeral Costs in Heckmondwike,

Tomorrow’s Funerals at today’s prices – guaranteed !!

We cover all of West Yorkshire, including Batley, Bingley, Bradford, Calderdale, Castleford, Dewsbury, Holmfirth, Huddersfield, Leeds, Pudsey, Wakefield and all surrounding areas.

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Most people never discuss their funeral wishes, fearing it would be morbid, or “tempting fate” to do so. Yet many have strong feelings about the service they would like, whether they want to be buried or cremated, or where they would like to have their ashes scattered.

If you have ever had to arrange a funeral for a loved one in Heckmondwike, you will understand how difficult it can be. There are many sensitive matters to consider and difficult decisions to make, often without really knowing what the deceased would have liked.

And then there is the cost.

Few people realise how expensive arranging a funeral in Heckmondwike is these days, and with funeral costs rising by 92% in the last 11 years, who knows how much they will cost in future. As we’re all living longer, and the squeeze on our finances tightens, it’s a very worrying thought.

The average cost of a funeral in Heckmondwike, without cars, was £3,693 in 2015, and that does not include the cost of a “send-off”. If the rate of increase for the past 11 years, continues for the next 11 years, the average cost of a funeral in 2027 would have increased to £7,091. If you put £3,693 into a savings account today, and you were able to get 3% interest, in 11 years time you would have £5,112 in the account – that would be £1,979 short of the cost of the funeral.

So why is having a pre paid funeral plan such a good idea?

A Funeral Plan guarantees that

  • your funeral wishes will be respectfully carried out just as you wanted,
  • and the funeral director’s costs will be covered, whatever they might be, at the time it is needed.
  • you are buying the funeral service at today’s prices, and guaranteeing that inflation will have no impact on the cost.
  • by thoughtfully taking out a funeral plan now, you are doing your loved ones a great kindness, relieving them of a huge emotional and financial burden at what will be a very sad time.

How much does a Funeral Plan in Heckmondwike cost, and how can I pay for it?

The cost of a Funeral plan will depend upon a number of factors, and we offer a number of different plans to meet your requirements and budget.

The Funeral plan can be paid as

  • A single lump sum
  • Interest Free over 12 months.
  • Fixed monthly payments for up to 30 years

We can also offer an unique life assurance backed Funeral Plan, which guarantees to cover the costs of the funeral after just 1 year, with guaranteed acceptance and no medical questions whatsoever. You are

  • covered from day one in the event of accidental death. If over the years you pay in more than the cost of the funeral, your estate will get a refund of up to 100% of the overpayment.
  • All Funeral Plans are arranged through Registered Providers regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority. Giving you complete peace of mind.


We are offering £100 Cash Back

To qualify for our cashback offer the funeral plan must be purchased through our “weblink” and you must be in receipt of a unique Abbey Broadway reference number at the time of purchase. If a plan is purchased in full, cashback will be paid once the 30 days Cooling Off period has passed.

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