How to Choose the Best Funeral Plan in 2021

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To Choose The Best Funeral Plan You Should Consider The Following

Price – just remember the cheapest funeral plan isn’t always best
Service – what you want your funeral plan to include
Guarantees – that your family won’t have more to pay when the time comes
Security – the plan provider is registered with the Funeral Planning Authority
With new funeral plan providers coming to market it is even more vital to get expert advice based on your needs and affordability. Comparing funeral plans could save you money and help you choose the best plan, a plan that is safe and secure, self regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA) and delivers the funeral services as promised with no nasty surprises.
Not all prepaid plans are the same; cheap funeral plans that only include a contribution may save money initially but could end up costing more in the long run – so avoid the pitfalls and let us help you review and compare funeral plans today.

Funeral Plan Comparison for 2021

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Standard Plans

Mid Range Plans

Superior Plans

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How Do Funeral Plans Work

In life, it’s an inevitable fact that we will require a funeral one day. We don’t always know when this time will be – and that’s the trouble when it comes to planning. However, that’s where a prepaid funeral plan can help. By taking control over your funeral, you can protect loved ones from emotional and financial stress when the time comes. A prepaid funeral plan manages the logistics of the funeral, including the preparation of the funeral itself, as well as arrangements before and after the service. Learn more about how funeral plans work from our detailed guide

What is a prepaid funeral plan ?

A prepaid funeral plan is a way of planning and paying for your funeral now in order to save you and your family money when the time comes. Typically, by having a prepaid funeral, this alleviates some of the stress and financial worry that comes with bereavement.
By taking out a prepaid funeral plan now, you will also reap the financial benefits – as the cost will be frozen at today’s prices, meaning it’s protected from any future increases to funeral directors costs that may occur due to inflation. A prepaid funeral plan takes care of all of the arrangements, leaving your family and loved ones with nothing to plan – as it’s all taken care of with your funeral director. Find out more about what a funeral director does from our detailed guide.

What's Included In A Prepaid Plan ?

There are many types of prepaid funeral plans to choose from – including Direct Cremation plans to simple prepaid funeral plans. This can include care of the deceased prior to the funeral, contribution towards 3rd party costs, advice on registering the death, disposal and collection of cremated remains or memorial advice. Depending on which prepaid funeral plan you choose will determine what level of arrangement you will have for your funeral when the time comes. Discover our wide selection of prepaid funeral plans now.

How Much Does A Funeral Cost ?

In the UK, the average cost of a burial is £4,321*, whereas the average cost of a cremation is around £3,266*. However, how much a funeral will cost largely depends on not only if you choose a burial or cremation, but elements such as your location, the venue you choose for the wake, if you choose to use a funeral director and more. That’s why we’ve put together this guide which advises you on the average cost of a funeral, and what you need to consider when planning a funeral.

Funeral Breakdown Costs

So, what should you need to pay for when planning a funeral ?
The cost of funerals can be broken down into the following section

  • Funeral director fee
  • Burial/cremation fee
  • Third-party costs

    Other optional costs
  • Funeral director fee
    The funeral director fee will allow the funeral director to plan the service. There are many things that the funeral director manages both before the funeral and during the funeral service itself. Some of these things include:

Transferring the deceased to the funeral home

  • Handling and managing all necessary legal documentation regarding the death and funeral
  • Placing notices of death in the newspaper or online, informing people of the passing

However, when you choose a prepaid funeral plan, the role and responsibilities of the funeral director will be included in the fee. That way, you’re safe in the knowledge that everything is paid and taken care of for your loved ones when you pass.

  • Burial or cremation?

Deciding between a burial or a cremation is also a consideration in the costs of funerals. Not only is there a vast difference in price between the two, but you must also consider the wishes and desires of the departed. In the UK, the breakdown of average cost for funerals* is as follows

Burial – £4,321. This will cover the exclusive right of burial, an interment fee and funeral director fees.

Cremation – £3,266. This will be crematorium fees, collection and care of the deceased, a plain coffin, hearse, fee for cremation certificate from a doctor, and a simple funeral service.

Direct cremation – £,1700. This will be collection of the deceased, a plain coffin and return of ashes.

*Source: Royal London National Funeral Cost Index Report 2019

  • Third-party costs

Third-party costs, also known as ‘disbursement costs’, essentially refers to the fees you must pay to either bury or cremate the body. In most cases, funeral directors are likely to manage these payments for you as part of their service. Any third-party costs will be attached to your invoice, or included within your prepaid funeral plan.

  • Other optional costs

There’s always the option to add more optional extras to your funeral service, which can often lead to the funeral costs creeping up. If you’re looking to reduce the price of a funeral, it might be worth considering cutting down on some of these options. Some of these other optional costs can include

  • Funeral notice
  • Death notice or obituary
  • Venue hire
  • Catering
  • Transportation (e.g. limousines)
  • Memorial headstone or plaque
  • Flowers
  • Order of service sheets
  • Live music
  • Urn
  • Fee to return the ashes (direct cremation only)

Death certificate copies (several copies will be needed for probate)

  • How to manage funeral costs

One of the best ways to manage funeral costs is by spreading the cost of the funeral out. A prepaid funeral plan will not only allow you to pay the funeral fee in instalments, but this will also protect you against any rising costs of funerals – locking in the cost of the funeral at a fixed rate.

Secure the price of your funeral at today’s prices with an Open Prepaid Funeral plan – choose from a range of plans including the Simple plan, the Direct Cremation plan, or create a bespoke package to suit you. For more information on our prepaid funeral plans, get in touch with our expert team today.

  • Most Funeral Plans Providers Offer

This simple funeral plan includes:

  • Local collection of the deceased from the place of death and their conveyance to the funeral director’s premises during normal working hours
  • Care of the deceased prior to the funeral
  • Supplying a basic coffin suitable for burial or cremation
  • Provision of the hearse to convey the deceased directly to the funeral location
  • Provision of sufficient bearers as required
  • Professional advice on certification, registration and all the required legal documentation
  • Example Contribution of £1,100.00 towards 3rd party costs, such as clergy, doctors and the crematorium and/or cemetery (not included in the Simple Plan)
  • Provision of Chapel of Rest facilities for viewing of the deceased prior to the funeral and/or service rooms where available
  • The Funeral Director’s fees in arranging and conducting the funeral
  • Advice and help for the purpose of producing Order of Service and/or Hymn sheets (printing not included)
  • Advice and help for placing an obituary notice in the local press (cost of notice not included)

Memorial Advice

Additional items such as a Horse Drawn Hearse, Traditional Wooden Ashes Casket and Upgrade to Wicker Coffin are available on request. Please talk to our team directly or take your standard plan out and we can add them for you afterwards.


The Most Popular Prepaid Funeral Plans in The UK 2021

Not listed in the above table but definately worth having a look at up to 18-25% cheaper that other providers and your plan costs refunded after 15 years of your final payments. To find out more click the link above

*With these plans you can request a specific funeral director, however, your request is accepted at the plan provider’s discretion.
**Estimated fee based on the plan shown and policy wording which sets the cancellation fee at 20% of the plan cost. ***Doctors’ fees refers to the two cremation forms required when someone wishes to be cremated. They currently cost £82 each (£164 total).
If your plan includes an allowance for these fees that is better than one that does not.

Planning a Funeral In A Pandemic

Living through a global pandemic is a testing experience on its own. However, having to the contend with the loss of a loved one during a time of such uncertainty is likely to cause emotional strain on families. That’s why, here at Funeral Plans4u, we want to alleviate the emotional stress having a funeral in a pandemic can cause on families and loved ones as much as possible.

FAQs Around Pandemic Funerals

  • Can family and loved ones still attend ?

There are specific government guidelines which state who can attend funerals at the moment. This guidance outlines that a modest number of family and close friends can attend the funeral. This is as long as social distancing measures are in place – and hand and respiratory hygiene requirements are maintained thoroughly at all times of the funeral.

However, no one should attend a funeral if they are experiencing symptoms of coronavirus. There are other instances to consider, for example, if a family member or close friend is vulnerable and high risk, or a friend or family member has been contacted by NHS Test & Trace to self-isolate. These instances need to be ironed out following government guidance, as well as making the most beneficial decision for everyone involved in the funeral.

Can I Still Plan A Funeral ?

Planning a funeral during a pandemic is still possible. Currently, government guidelines state that funerals should continue as normal where possible and shouldn’t be delayed. However, individual crematoriums or cemeteries may have their own guidance based on various risk assessments from their own facilities. If you wish to plan a funeral in a place of worship, attendees should be restricted to a maximum of 30 people. This figure may have changed since writing this article

What Should I Consider When Planning A Funeral ?

Although planning a funeral during a pandemic is possible, there will be a few changes to consider:

Attendees – consider who you want to invite, as it’s likely there will be a limited number of guests. Consider any guests who could be in high risk categories, or any international family members or friends that would need to fly over.

  • Service sheets – instead of service books, consider that service sheets may need to be provided to guests.
  • Recordings – some close friends may not be able to attend due to restrictions. Therefore, filming the eulogy to show people who aren’t there may be helpful for mourners.
  • Service time – it’s likely that the service time may be shorter than normal, as venues need to allow more time to clean in between services.
  • Social distancing – ensure the funeral your planning adheres to social distancing guidelines.
  • Coffin bearers – ensure it’s appropriate for family members to bear the coffin.

What changes can you expect at a pandemic funeral?

  • No shaking hands with anyone
  • Bring and use hand sanitiser during the day
  • Allow staff to open and close the doors to avoid multiple contact
  • Stick to assigned seating where possible

You may be asked to wait in your vehicle until you’re asked to enter the building

  • How Funeral Plan Providers Can Help

By investing in a prepaid funeral plan, some of the emotional stress and financial burdens can be alleviated from your family and close friends for when you pass. Funeral Plan Providers can help you by:

  • Protecting Your Family

Remove the stress level you experience by planning unexpected funerals if everything is planned and sorted

Reducing financial burdens that come with planning a funeral

Alleviating added stress caused already by a pandemic

What is a Humanist Funeral ?

A humanist funeral service is a non-religious ceremony which celebrates the life of someone who has passed away. Often, this type of funeral is led by a humanist celebrant, or alternatively, you could also arrange your own non-religious memorial.

Humanist funeral services are usually held in crematoriums or cemeteries, or on a natural burial site – as well as any venue that isn’t a religious venue, or a place of worship. This includes venues such as a hotel event space, your home, a public park, bars or restaurants or a town hall.

What Happens At A Humanist Funeral ?

Humanist funeral services aren’t as concrete and structured as traditional funeral services. They depend entirely on the person who has died, and the people who are organising the funeral. During a humanist funeral ceremony, the format for the service could include:

Tributes – close family members or friends can read tributes (essentially the equivalent of a eulogy)

Readings – again, typically read by close friends and family

Moments silence – for thought and celebration of the deceased’s life

Music – music can play as the service begins and finishes

However, if the deceased/organisers of the funeral are not religious and also not looking to follow a traditional structure, you could arrange a Direct Cremation – and arrange to have an informal memorial service at a personal place. This could be a beauty spot, their favourite city, or simply in the back garden of their home (regulations permiting). The scattering of the ashes is also something to consider, as the organiser of the funeral, you may wish to scatter the ashes with loved one’s present.

How To Arrange A Humanist Funeral Service

Most Funeral Plan Providers can help arrange bespoke prepaid funerals to fit your specific requirements. Whether you want a Traditional Plan, or you’re more interested in a Simple Plan, You can a range of prepaid funeral plans to find the perfect option for you.
To learn more about humanist funeral ceremonies and how Funeral Plan Providers can help, get in touch with a member of our expert team today.

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